How Snoke FAKED His Death in The Last Jedi (Episode 9 Spoilers!)

by Star Wars Verse

Snoke’s death was faked.

There’s no way someone that powerful—someone who can throw Hux to the ground from a far distance—would get cut in half like string cheese that easy…

…but he kind of does look like a 7 foot-long piece of string cheese, which is beyond the point. ?

Let’s get real here: Snoke is just too powerful. On his weekends, he throws people around like ragdolls, manipulates, and even decides to outdo Steve Jobs by bringing Apple’s ‘Facetime’ feature into Star Wars.

He literally builds an involuntary force bond between Kylo and Rey’s mind from across the galaxy.

With immense power like that, there’s got to be some sort of backstory.

So, who is Snoke?

What do we know about Snoke?

Supreme Leader Snoke hologram in Star Wars the Force Awakens

Art by John Osborne

Snoke is a Force-sensitive humanoid male that was (or maybe still is) the Supreme Leader of the First Order.

He’s neither Sith nor Jedi.

In the Last Jedi Visual Dictionary, the dictionary uses an entire subheader called, “Heart of Darkness” to describe him and his tendency to always disguise his true nature.

Curious, huh?

We also know Snoke is a fanboy of Darth Vader, wearing a golden ring with obsidian stone from Darth Vader’s castle.

Snoke's Ring in The Last Jedi

Sourced from Wookieepedia

Hmm…is that why Snoke’s so obsessed with turning Kylo Ren into the next Vader? Did Snoke know Vader? Star Wars Theory thinks he did.

But even if that was true, Snoke hasn’t succeeded in recreating Vader…or did he?

Actually, he did.

You know what gave it off? The ‘reylo connection.’

Rey and Kylo Ren Force Connection

Rey and Kylo Ren Force Connection

If Snoke’s ‘supposedly’ dead then why is the connection still intact? Snoke, after all, bridged the connection.

It has to do with a trick we’ve seen Luke use before.

Force Projection

Luke’s last firework was with a new capability we’ve seen only twice before: Force Projection.

Luke Force Projecting across the galaxy with some help

Art by Tony Warne

Earlier in the film, Luke projected himself across the galaxy, physically hugging Leia and giving her Han’s dice from the Falcon. He didn’t stop there — Luke even sparred with Kylo.

If Luke could do it, why don’t you think Snoke couldn’t do it? If you were watching closely, Snoke actually does Force Project BEFORE Luke in The Last Jedi.

Reylo (Rey and Kylo) Force Projection

Art by Reynaile

Kylo literally just physically interacted with Rey from across the galaxy, who was also seen by Luke and even reacted to Luke’s loud force push. Luke even looks at Kylo for a good two seconds.

Who made this possible? Snoke.

Matter of fact, Snoke’s the one that actually influenced Luke to even use Force Projection in the first place.

Was this part of Snoke’s scheme to kill Luke using Force Projection? Most definitely.

But If Snoke already knew how to do Force Projection, then why didn’t he just use it to protect himself? That’s exactly what he did.

Snoke’s Throne Room Illusion

Snoke is a master strategist. He knew people’s weaknesses and would manipulate it to his advantage.

Snoke’s deception happens here

Art from Star Wars: The Last Jedi Book

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Book

He knew of Kylo’s instability — Kylo did try to attack Snoke once already — and even emphasized Kylo’s weaknesses multiple times.

Why would Snoke, someone whom we’ve never seen berate Kylo severely before, all of a sudden start sending a barrage of insults to Kylo? To get Kylo to act.

He wanted his apprentice to fully commit to the Dark side.

The only way to accomplish this goal is by getting Kylo to give into his ‘anger’ and ‘strike him down’ just like Emperor Palpatine wanted Luke to do in Return of the Jedi.

Luke refusing Emperor Palpatine's request, saying that he is a Jedi

Art by Thaldir

Only once Kylo gave into his anger and ‘killed’ Snoke, Kylo will have finally completed his training exactly like Snoke wanted him to do.

You can even see the visible change in Kylo’s soul, going ‘off the wall’ evil and ruthless. He chokes Hux, blasts Luke for an hour, and tops it off with his ‘master plan’ to annihilate everyone.

In other words, Kylo fully converted to the Dark side.

Kylo’s conversion to the Dark Side

Art by Claudia Caranfa

Snoke won and there’s more proof that he’s not (and never was) dead for Star Wars Episode 9.

Snoke is Alive Supporting Evidence

Transfer Essence used by Emperor Palpatine

Star Wars Cover Art from Star Wars Empire #5 Comics

Star Wars Dark Empire #5 of 6 Emperor Reborn Book

  1. Snoke only has 10 minutes of screen time. Total.
  2. Hologram looks and sounds much older.
  3. Snoke’s attendants or advisors weren’t present in the Throne Room fight scene.
  4. If Snoke really did die, there’s a radical Dark side Force ability called Transfer Essence, cheating death using clones of oneself, which he’ll probably use.
  5. Ancient Mosaic set in the floor of Ahch-To Temple of the Prime Jedi or the founder of the Jedi Order. It looks like Snoke — come on, look at that head!
  6. Ancient Mosaic’s first appearance is in the Last Jedi, or after we see Snoke in-person.
Prime Jedi Mosaic

Prime Jedi Mosaic

Snoke’s Alive — What’s Next?

J.J. Abrams has said Episode 9 will tie all of the Star Wars movies in one film. Could Snoke be that linking figure? We think so.

But enough from me. What do you think? Do you think Snoke is alive? Or do you think Snoke actually died but may have a bigger role to play in Episode 9? Let us know in the comments below!

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1 comment

Del Kempton May 23, 2019 - 4:53 pm

just like Darth Maul who returned a live in the Han Solo Movie. Snoke could have cheated his death. Snoke resurrection will add magic to the Star Wars 7 and 8 movies. I hope to see Snoke coming back alive on Star Wars 9. if Snoke will not return then Star Wars 9 will be the biggest failure of Disney Productions. if Star Wars 9 turned into a failure I dont know waht will happens to Star Wars in the future.


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