How Snoke Secretly KILLED Luke (Episode 9 Spoilers!)

by Star Wars Verse

Why did Luke have to die that way? Snoke.

Snoke secretly manipulated Luke’s weaknesses, created Kylo Ren, destroyed Luke’s life work, nearly drove the Jedi extinct, and then KILLED Luke without the audience noticing.

Luke Skywalker's Betrayal of Ben Solo

Luke’s Dark Discovery

Art of Star Wars: The Last Jedi Book

But how didn’t we notice? We were too surprised by Snoke’s death and Luke’s Force Projection to pay attention to the subtle details.

Here’s what we missed.

Luke’s Force Projection

Luke Skywalker on Ahch-To

Luke’s Binary End by RamonSalinasArt

We all thought Luke’s last firework was with a new capability we’ve seen only twice before: Force Projection.

If Luke could do it, why don’t you think Snoke couldn’t use it?

If you were watching closely, Snoke actually does use Force Projection BEFORE Luke.

Take a look below.

Notice how Luke directly looks at Kylo while Kylo physically interacts with Rey. Is that not Force Projection?

But how did he Force Project?

We’ll touch on that a bit later. But before we get to how he pulled it off, we first have to understand the difference between Force Bonding and Force Projection.

Force Bonding Vs. Force Projection

Rey and Kylo Force Connection

Forcetime, Baby!

Can you see my surroundings?

You’re going to pay for what you did.

I can’t see yours. Just you. So no… This is something else.

―Kylo Ren and Rey

When I first watched this scene, I thought they were simply Force Bonding.

But…that’s not the entire story. A few key details tell me it’s actually a mix of both: Force Bonding and Force Projection.

Let me explain.

A Force Bond is a private connection between two people that allows them to communicate with each other remotely — without any type of physical contact.

For example, Luke and Leia’s Force Bond is a perfect example.

However, Rey and Kylo’s Force Bond crossed the line when they were able to touch hands and become visible to a third party observer, in this case, Luke.

rey and kylo touch hands scene

Rey and Kylo’s Force Projection

The Art of Star Wars: The Last Jedi

What’s the only ability that allows the user to physically interact with their surroundings? Force Projection.

How do we know?

Whenever Luke Force Projected, he physically handed Leia Han’s dice and even kissed Leia on the head. At the same time, he was visible by all third-party observers.

That’s Force Projection.

And Rian Johnson even confirms it:

When Luke shows up he’s projecting, it’s like a hardcore variation of what Kylo and Rey have been doing the whole time and that’s why it takes so much out of him.” (Source)

So, if Kylo really did Force Project, how did he do it? Snoke.

As Snoke bridged their minds, he also created the Force Projection phenomenon with his immense power.

But…how did Snoke even know about Luke’s plan to join Rey on the Millenium Falcon? It started way back on Luke’s quest for something very special…

The Journey For Secret Jedi Knowledge

Luke looking for Jedi Lore

Searching for Jedi Knowledge by Entar0178

After the empire’s defeat, Luke scoured the entire galaxy looking for any surviving Jedi Knowledge.

He had help.

Do you remember the old dude in The Force Awakens’s first scene? He ain’t some random dude fishing for pocket change he’s actually important.

That’s Lor San Tekka and he actually helped Luke find the ‘motherload’ of all Jedi knowledge: Preserved Jedi Archives.

Do you know who preserved it? The Chief Librarian in Episode 2, Jocasta Nu.

Jocasta Nu's Jedi Archives

Photo Credit: Marvel, Lucasfilm

She survived the Jedi Purge and wanted to train the next generation of Jedi.

Jocasta Nu's New Jedi Academy

Photo Credit: Marvel, Lucasfilm

But frankly, she was killed by Vader before she could ever build it.

Vader kills Jocasta Nu

Photo Credit: Marvel, Lucasfilm

Luckily, Luke found all her research. But it was on this very journey that Snoke and Luke actually met to discuss the secrets of the Force.

It was this meeting where Luke’s life took a steep nosedive…

Luke and Snoke’s Mysterious Meeting

Luke Teaching Kylo Ren at Jedi Academy

Luke’s Jedi school by modji-33

Nobody knew about Luke’s school or mission except those in the order and R2-D2.

Who told Snoke about it? Luke probably did.

In the official Last Jedi Novel, they mention how Luke and Snoke met to discuss Jedi lore or Luke’s findings. Since the First Order hasn’t risen yet, he probably mistook Snoke as a fellow Jedi.

Big mistake.

The conversation gave Snoke some very crucial intel on Luke’s precious plan to rebuild the Jedi Order.

And that’s when Snoke decided to form a plan of his own…

Snoke’s Plan

At a very young age, Ben — or Kylo Ren — was responsible for mischief.

They sensed too much ‘Vaderin him and hoped Luke’s training would solve the problem.

It didn’t.

Snoke sensed Ben’s natural tendency towards the dark side — all Snoke had to do was find a weakness…

…and he quickly found one by researching Ben’s family tree and found a secret: Ben is Darth Vader’s grandson.

Darth Vader's Grandson

Darth Vader by 6kart

We’re not sure how Kylo found out, but when he did, he lost trust in Luke and the Jedi. He soon needed a different teacher.

So, Snoke positioned himself as the answer. Kylo’s conflicted soul took the bait, and by the time Luke sensed the darkness and tried to stop it — it was too late, Kylo had already turned.

Luke’s life work was destroyed in an instant: his apprentices, the Jedi archives, dreams, temple, and Luke’s soul.

But it wasn’t Kylo who broke Luke, it was Snoke.

Snoke Broke and KILLED Luke

How would you feel if someone destroyed your life’s work in an instant? You’d break and Luke’s no exception. It was all part of Snoke’s plan to undermine the balance of the galaxy.

Who turned Kylo? Snoke.

Who bridged Rey’s and Kylo’s mind? Snoke.

Who gave Luke the idea to Force Project? Snoke.

Snoke single-handedly broke Luke: destroying his life’s work, students, friends (Han Solo, Lor San Tekka, etc.), and even his life.

But why?

Snoke couldn’t afford any competition. Luke was the last hurdle in his way of galactic conquest and he needed him dead.

Everything was fine until…

The Force Awakened

Rey Awakening The Force

Rey’s Awakening by NicholasOsagie

After Snoke destroyed everything Luke built, Luke closed himself from The Force as an act of pacificism.

Snoke was content until Rey awakened The Force and found Luke.

He became scared.

Luke’s the only one, as far as we know, that has the knowledge to create another Jedi — a Jedi that can undermine Snoke’s grand plan. He had to act quick.

He bridged Kylo and Rey’s minds, as a way to deter Luke from finding Snoke because let’s be honest, we all know what would’ve happened…

Luke Vs Snoke


And that’s exactly what would’ve happened until Luke discovered Kylo and Rey having ‘unprotected sex’ — or at least he acts like they did — and decides to stay.

In that scene, Snoke deceptively left Luke a suicidal idea: Force Projection.

Luke took the idea and used it to save the Resistance, leading to as Mark Hamill described, the Force — or Snoke — KILLING Luke.

The Force Killed Luke

Luke's end on Ahch-To

Luke becoming one with the Force by AndrewKwan

But wait…How could the Force KILL you?! Isn’t the Force good?

It’s definitely but it’s the way Luke used the Force that killed him.

For example, let’s say you’ve been working out for a few years. Then you take a break for a while.

Would you be able to lift what the younger, stronger version of you could?

Luke Skywalker and Yoda on Dagobah

Luke’s Training on Dagobah by JeffLafferty

Definitely not.

You’d have to slowly work your way up and that’s exactly what Luke didn’t do. He decided to walk in after a few years off and tried to lift the heaviest weights in the gym without any prior training.

The result? Luke’s death.

And that’s what so clever about Snoke’s deceptive move: he killed Luke indirectly without anyone noticing — including the audience.

Crazy, huh?

Did Snoke Kill Luke? (Comment Below!)

What do you guys think? Do you think Snoke killed Luke? Or do you think Luke died from other causes? Let us know in the comments below!

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