Is Snoke Mace Windu?

by Star Wars Verse

Supreme Leader Snoke

Art of Star Wars: The Last Jedi Book

Who can fill Snoke’s identity gap?

Who is the only Jedi, in history, to beat Palpatine and Jango Fett? Windu even without the high ground two times.

Who was one of the only Jedi to have a purple Lightsaber? Windu.

What lightsaber color is a balance between the light and dark sides of the force? Purple.  

Who also happens to be obsessed with balance? Snoke.

And here’s the crazy part: big figures like Samuel Jackson and George Lucas believe in parts of this theory.


Is Mace Windu Snoke?

Mace Windu Vs. Palpatine Fight

Art by Elephant883

Some of you reading this think Windu’s dead. Sorry to burst your bubble, but Mace Windu’s alive and kicking.


After Windu was betrayed, he decided to quit the Jedi order and joined the Avengers initiative full-time.

Mace Windu is Director Fury

Art by Aakami

I’m kidding ?

But seriously, did Mace really die? Let’s rewatch his ‘supposed’ death and break it down.

We also have some real evidence from both the actor himself…

…and George Lucas agreeing Windu could’ve survived.  

I know what you’re thinking.

Luke Skywalker That's Impossible

But…That’s Impossible!

Let me explain.

Windu’s ‘Death’

Mace Windu falling to his death


Although Windu got his arm cut off, electrocuted and thrown off the top of a very high skyscraper, we’ve all seen Jedi survive his ‘fatal’ injuries.


Windu’s Arm

Lots of arms/hands were cut off.

Anakin, Luke, Darth Vader (what’s up with that?) and even Darth Maul all suffered ‘life-threatening’ wounds — but they all survived.

Force Lightning

Yoda and Luke were hit with lightning. They survived.

Dooku hit Anakin with lightning. Anakin survived.

Palpatine’s full force lightning was deflected onto himself and guess what? Palpatine survived.

Also, after Windu is thrown out of the window, he makes a final grunting sound, indicating he’s alive.

The Fall

Anakin's Fall

No Jedi has died from a fall. Ever.

For example, Anakin fell from hundreds of stories in the same city of Coruscant without a scratch.

A Jedi master, without an exception, could land safely.

To sum it up

There’s no reason why Mace can’t be alive.

Come on, Darth Maul SURVIVED after being cut in half. If Maul could survive such a ‘maul’ (get it? ?), Windu could, too.

Now, with Mace’s ‘death’ out of the way, we can now touch on Snoke’s possible identity match.

Mace and Snoke’s Similarities

Mace Windu Vs Snoke Appearance

Don’t they just look alike?

I agree, Mace Windu and Snoke look awfully different.

One’s really old, ghostly white, scarred, and just straight up butt ugly (no offense) while the other is just sexy Ol’ Samuel Jackson.

Despite the stark differences, they do have a lot in common:


Snoke supposedly witnessed the rise and fall of the Galatic Empire, as mentioned in the official Art of Star Wars: The Force Awakens book.

But do you know who else witnessed the rise and fall as well? Windu — making them both the exact, same age.

Facial Disfigurement

When Palpatine’s Force Lightning reflected off Windu’s blade, it disfigured Palpatine’s face.

The same thing happened to Windu’s face, giving him a ‘Snoke-like’ appearance.

Snoke Windu

Snoke Windu


They’re both…bald. Not convincing evidence, but hey, it’s there.

Skywalker’s Betrayal

Kylo Ren and Snoke

Art by NhtgkcN

Snoke manipulates Ben Solo.

Ben then turns to the dark side and destroys everything Luke built: his school, knowledge, Han Solo, and nearly eradicates the entire Jedi with the Knights of Ren.

Why was Snoke so obsessed with Luke Skywalker in the first place?

Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy

Luke’s School by Modj-33

If you remember, who was against training Anakin Skywalker from the beginning? Windu.

Who didn’t grant Anakin Skywalker master in the Jedi Council? Windu.

Who happened to ‘betray’ Windu by cutting off his hand? Oh yeah, a Skywalker.

That’s why he’s so obsessed with finding Luke: he wants to put an end to the Skywalker bloodline as revenge.

How do we know? Look at…

Kylo’s Fighting Form

Watch this.

That spin Kylo Ren just used is a very special — and secret — fighting form called Vaapad.

It was considered the most aggressive lightsaber form and drew from the Dark Side of the Force. Very, very few ever mastered it.

Can you guess who’s one of the rare few? Windu.

Who else could’ve taught Kylo such a rare fighting form other than the master himself?

That’s not all.

Windu’s Force Ability

Mace Windu Shatter Point

Shatter Point

Mace Windu achieved a unique force ability that no Jedi master in history ever accomplished: Shatter Point or being able to sense people’s weaknesses.

Windu is the only Jedi in history to defeat both Darth Sidious and Jango Fett.

Someone else seems to use this ability: Snoke.

In my previous Snoke Faked His Death Post, we found out Snoke specializes in finding weaknesses and exploiting them to defeat his opponents — almost like Windu’s Shatter Point ability.

How do we know?

In the official Last Jedi novel, the biggest surprise, to even imperial leadership, was Snoke’s rapid rise to power and how nobody predicted it.

Kind of like Donald Trump ?

Donald Trump is Snoke

The Shocking Truth

Alright, I’m KIDDING. But seriously, if Windu survived and he somehow transformed into Snoke…

Where Was Windu Hiding This Entire Time?

The Unknown Regions

Unknown Regions

After Windu supposedly ‘died’, Emperor Palpatine fabricated an elaborate cover story to explain the sudden genocide of all Jedi.

Palpatine framed Windu as a rebel who attempted to overthrow the Republic by assassinating the legitimate government. He then spread the lie throughout the galaxy and initiated a galaxy-wide Jedi Purge.

The result? The near eradication of the Jedi Order.

However, few did survive the onslaught, mostly Jedi masters like Yoda and Obi-Wan.

Could Windu have survived and escaped to the Unknown Regions of the galaxy, transforming into the Snoke we know today?

It’s possible…

Mace Windu is Alive

Art by Amenoosa

…and if it’s true, Windu could possibly fill a HUGE gap about Snoke’s identity, putting a rest to almost ALL Snoke theories.

Although this theory is very, very promising and exciting, it does have a few issues that need to be addressed.

Snoke and Mace Windu’s Appearance Differences

Snoke Vs Windu

Windu Vs. Snoke. Who’s sexier?

Here’s an undeniable fact: Snoke and Windu look and sound completely…different.

Skin Color

Let’s start with his most obvious difference: Mace Windu’s skin is dark-skinned (no racism intended) while Snoke’s skin is pale white.

Can Force Lighting pull a Michael Jackson?


Windu lost his right arm while Snoke has both arms intact and even uses force lightning, in what seems, to be his right arm. 

In the official Star Wars Revenge of the Sith Visual Dictionary’s Data File, it states it’s impossible to use Force Lightning through a mechanical arm.

Maybe he found a workaround? Arm Transplants? Transfer Essence? Who knows.


The height difference is startling: Mace Windu is 6’4 while Snoke is almost 7 feet tall.

Do growth spurts happen after shifting sides in Star Wars? Or did Snoke manipulate his appearance like through Force Projection, as Luke did with his age?

Eye Color

Snokes eyes

Snoke’s Ice Blue Eyes

Mace Windu’s eyes are brown while Snoke’s eyes are a cold blue.

That’s a…pretty big difference. Also, Snoke doesn’t sound or act like Mace Windu.

But again, Force Projection or Transfer Essence paired with years of hiding could explain the difference. Who knows.

So, Is Snoke Mace Windu?

What do you guys think? Do you think Snoke is Mace Windu? Or do you think Snoke’s someone else?

Let us know in the comments below! And please don’t forget to share this theory with friends ?

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