Snoke’s Ring HINTS At Return?!

by Star Wars Verse

Why is Snoke’s Ring so mysterious? 

Despite being cut in half, Snoke’s ring hand is still there. Untouched. Almost as if it’s holding a secret — and it is. 

I cannot be betrayed; I cannot be beaten.


Yet, he was so EASY to betray. 

But…what if it was done on purpose?

After all, why did the TFA Snoke and TLJ Snoke act completely different? Why did Snoke’s ring hand remain untouched? It even had a scene of its own.

Weird. ?

Nothing in Star Wars is done by accident. This ring, I believe, will play a crucial role in explaining Snoke’s backstory and even hint at some interesting possibilities for Snoke’s return in Episode 9.

What makes me think so?

The Ring’s Mysterious Origins

Snoke's Ring

We barely know anything about Snoke. However, we know A LOT more about his ring.

Like the ring’s origins directly tie to the two most powerful Dark Lords in history: Darth Sidious and Darth Vader.

How do we know?

Snoke’s ring is inscribed with the runes of the mysterious 4 Sages of Dwartii or the ancient philosophers that influenced the Galactic Republic’s early constitution.

Four Sages of Dwartii

From Revenge of the Sith

If you remember, we’ve actually seen the Dwartii before.

Palpatine kept their statues hanging around in his office on Coruscant in Revenge of the Sith.

But here’s where things get crazy.

The black stone on the ring is actually an obsidian stone mined directly from the catacombs — or underground cemetery — beneath…

Darth Vader’s Castle

Darth Vader's Castle

Art by RaikohIllust

Why is that even important? Because of what’s hidden on Mustafar…

Mustafar is not like other planets. It is unique. Deep beneath its surface rests a locus for the dark side of the Force.

―Darth Sidious (Source)

Vader found this dark side locus, but not by accident. Vader was sent by Palpatine to Mustafar to help unlock Vader’s hidden potential.

And it was on this journey, Vader stumbled upon an ancient Sith temple that predated the Galactic Republic on Mustafar.

Vader arrives at Sith Cave

From Darth Vader Comic Issue #5

In the Sith temple, he found a natural cave, housing the dark side locus.

Dark Side Locus

It’s here where Darth Vader built his lightsaber and discovered a wellspring of dark side energy to fuel his power, building his castle on top of the cave.   

Darth Vader builds lightsaber

Vader builds his lightsaber

But do you know who else found this secret dark side locus, possibly before Vader? Snoke. 

Snoke’s Obsidian Stone

Snoke's Ring is made from Obsidian Stone

From The Last Jedi Visual Dictionary

The same spot Vader discovered the locus is where Snoke found his obsidian stone, hinting at a possible Vader and Snoke relationship. 

Snoke finds Darth Vader's Mask

Or maybe something more…

Could Snoke’s ring have a more practical function that’ll come to play in Episode 9? Or will the ring bring Snoke back to life in some way or influence others like Momin’s mask?

Lots of difficult questions we’ll have to cover in our next post on Snoke’s ring.

What will Snoke’s Ring Do? (Comment Below!)

Do you think Snoke’s ring is a backstory decoration or does it have a practical function? Let us know in the comments below!

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